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Design Stoics is a creative digital design agency

Offering bespoke design and visual editing solutions for businesses, freelance professionals and independent projects.

Logo Design

Businesses, Product, Self-Employed, Monogram, Full, Various Sizes, Styles

Branding Design

Menus, Flyers, Packaging, Promotional, Business Cards, Label, Apparel

Cover Design

Music Album Cover Design, Book Cover Design, Report Cover Page Design

Media Design

Social Media, eCommerce Product Images, Thumbnail Design, Publications

Image Editing

Image Post-Processing, Photo Enhancement, Image Manipulation, Retouching

Experienced & Skilled in Design

Prior to starting Design Stoics, our founder has spent 10 years designing logos, branding, media content, covers and image editing for various projects using a diverse range of digital software and tools.

Bespoke & Catered to Your Needs

Design Stoics’ services are bespoke – we are open to hearing about any type of project you have in mind from business branding, entertainment, media content and non-profit.

An Affordable, High Quality Service

Design Stoics has the digital design tools and software that delivers the right design product for you. With a decade of design experience and resources, Design Stoics can provide a high quality service.

What You Could Get

Flexible Design Revisions

All design and image editing services with Design Stoics come with a flexible number of design revisions.

Openness to Project Types

We are open to any design or image editing project to fit your project needs.

Complete File Deliverables

Once a project is complete, you will receive all the necessary files as delivery.

Presentable Variations

Some of our design services (such as logo design) allow design variations for you to choose from.

Only 50% to Start With

To ensure a satisfactory services, Design Stoics offers only 50% deposit at the start of the each project.

High Quality Design Formats

Delivery of the project files come in high quality formats suitable for varied use.

Start Your New Design Project

It has never been easier to get started on your next project.